Whole Day Full Boat Hire - Up to 12 people per boat

With two identical Clipper 60s we can host Full Day Hire Events for groups from 6 to 24 people. Boats can be hired individually,  minimum 6 people, maximum 12 people;  or both for match racing, minimum 12 people, maximum 24 people. Price per boat. 

Our Clipper 60s are ideal to accommodate a large group aboard a single yacht. Designed to be sailed round the world by amateurs they have a comfortable recessed cockpit which provides a safe seating area for guests throughout the day, whilst enabling them to play an active part in the sailing of the yacht. These vessels are ideal for groups of complete novices through to more experienced sailors. Although all our events are hands on, there is space to sit away from the action if some of your guests would prefer to sit back, relax and just enjoy the ride.

On arrival participants can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in our Events Centre overlooking the River Hamble. After a short safety brief aboard, we will slip lines and motor out of the River Hamble. Once in the Solent the crew will work together to hoist sails ready for a day of sailing. The exact course for the day will depend on the tides, but the Skipper will introduce participants to lots of sailing manoeuvres during this hands on experience. A racing style baguette lunch is served under sail and this provides a great opportunity to sit back and enjoy the sailing before we return to the marina for 4pm.

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9:30am - 10am: Meet at our events centre in Hamble Point Marina for a cup of coffee or tea

10am: Board Clipper 60 Serica or Mermerus

10am - 10:30am: The Skipper gives a short safety brief and introduction to the yacht

10:30am - 10:45am: Slip lines and motor out of the River Hamble into the Solent

10:45am: It's all hands on deck as everyone is involved in hoisting sails and getting the yacht sailing, with participants taking the wheel, using the winches and working on the foredeck.

10:45am - 1pm: Hands-on sailing around the Solent, with the course dependent on the wind and tides. The Skipper will pick a route to get the most out of the yacht.

1pm - 2pm: Some gentle sailing while you enjoy lunch on board.

2pm - 3:30pm: Lots more hands on sailing

3:30pm - 4pm: Drop sails and motor up the River Hamble.

4pm: Depart the yacht back in Hamble Point Marina.