The weather status for trips coming up in the next 5 days is currently as follows:

There are no trips running in the next 5 days.

Sailing is a weather dependent sport and postponements are always made for participant's safety. Conditions which may cause the postponement of a trip are strong winds, poor visibility or thunderstorms. In every situation the decision is made by the Skipper based on the forecasts available. On average over 95% of our trips run as scheduled but unfortunately this does mean a small number of trips are postponed due to weather each year.

In the event adverse weather is forecast the day before your trip we will try and make the decision to postpone the trip as early as possible and contact you by telephone. We will also update the status on this page. Although we aim to make the decision as early as possible the day before your trip, occasionally postponements can be later if there are unexpected changes to the forecast or actual weather conditions.

In the event that your trip is postponed you will be able to rebook onto any future date that the same trip is running and has availability. Details on rebooking will be sent out to you by email as soon as possible after the postponement has been confirmed.

If booking a hotel we recommend you make a booking which you are able to cancel the day before the trip and check the weather status before travelling. If you are unsure whether to travel after reading the weather status please contact one of our office team for further advice.